Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Going Crazy!!!

Well here we are…LIMBO WEEK. As of yesterday we closed on our house and we are officially….seriously…HOMELESS!!! We do not close on our new house until Friday at 10am. In the meantime all of our stuff is spread out in five different locations. We have a few yard potters and such still sitting at the house by the fence. Our bikes, lawn mower and trash cans are sitting in our neighbor’s back yard. Our old neighbors that moved last week have a trailer load of stuff that didn’t fit in the POD in their new garage. We completely took over a room and a half at my mother-in-law’s house. Then the majority of the stuff is in the POD at the POD facility. Oh I forgot my TV, computer and a few other valuables are with us.

As far as we go…this is the fun part. We are staying at a friend’s house for the next few days. It is literally chaos. There are four adults in the house two teenagers, my three kids and a 16month old. It doesn’t stop there. We have my two dogs and cat, that goes with their two dogs, two cats and a snake. We are very grateful for the invite, I just hope we don’t kill each other by the end of the week.

If we survive the week I will update this weekend with a few pictures of the house.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday Morning Fun!

The Lake

This morning I decided to take the older two fishing. Julia is going off to camp tomorrow and she will be gone for a week. Jason has been asking to go for the past couple weekends, but with the house stuff we have been to busy to get away. Nothing major going on this weekend so we headed out bright and early. Not much else to say except check a few pics from our adventure.

Jason First Catch Ever!!!

Posing on the rock

Chillin at the Lake!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Catching Up!

It has been two weeks since I last wrote and a bunch has happened. We all made it through “hell week” and more. It wasn’t really that bad, but it seemed everything was happening all at once in the week from 13th-21st.

It started off on Friday the 13th and a great friend of mine’s Bachelor party. I got to see a bunch of college buddies I haven’t seen in awhile. We do what we always do when we get together…have a few drinks and reminisce about the good times we had in college. Some of my friends have such a vivid memory of things in the past it is great listening to them tell the stories and jog my memory.

The next day was Steve and Nicole’s Pre-wedding reception in the mighty metropolis of Roxboro, NC. It was a great party with lots of food. The kids had a good time meeting some of my friend’s children for the first time.

The next couple days were just work and keeping the house up for people to come and see. Tuesday night was the kids final swim meet. We got through the first couple of events and then the sky came a fallen. Probably the worst set of thunderstorms we have had this year. Everyone rushed out to the cars to wait it out, nobody wanted to cancel the meet since it was the last. It finally blew over and we got another event in just before another wave came through.

Wednesday was probably one of the most interesting experiences I have ever had. I, as many of you may already know, have a serious snoring issue. So I was scheduled for a sleep study at Sleep Med. It was a nice atmosphere, but once they hooked me up to all those sensors I felt like I was in the twilight zone. I tried to look at my reflection in my glasses before I laid down. I looked like something out of a science fiction movie. I had eight sensors on my head, two in my nose, one on my neck, two on my chest, and two on my legs. Each had a wire that strung back to a base that sat next to me on the bed. They expected my to sleep with all this. Don’t know the results yet, but the nurse tech made reference to me coming back again. He thought it was a good chance I had a moderate case of sleep apnea.

Next we were off to swim team banquet night. Each and every child was recognized, even Penelope as a mini-marlin (pre-swim team). It was a really nice catered banquet with an awesome slid show at the end of all the events for the year.

Two more birthday parties and 10 showings of the house later and the week was finally coming to an end. But wait we have an offer on our house! YEAH!!!! After a few counter offers back and forth we settled on a price and are going to close on Aug 20th. Uh oh, that means we need to find a place to live.

It took a little less than a week, but we have found our next house. See picture below. We will close on the 24th. Kids will still go to the same school just a little bit longer drive. Appears to be a great neighborhood with community pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, and playgrounds. Not too far from many shopping areas and things to do. I can’t wait to start moving all that furniture!

This turned out to be a longer post than I had planned, just trying to catch up and not get too far behind.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A New Chapter

It is about to get real hectic around our household. As of yesterday we have put our house on the market. Over the past five years we have slowly out grown this house and we finally hit a breaking point and decided to find something a little bit larger. We like the side of town we are in, and we will be looking for something nearby. The kids are attached to the magnet elementary school so as long as we do not move out of the county we can still attend Brooks. Check out a few pictures of the house that is on the internet.

I think the most challenging thing right now is on Bek's hands. With the kids home all day keeping the house in tip top shape is gonna drive her nuts. Hopefully the youngins will help, but they are kids after all. I know I always made messes. The showing service can pretty much call at any time and they need to be up and out of the house within 15-30 minutes. Well that is all for now....anyone wanna buy a house???

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Swim Meet Night

The kids won a second swim meet in a row tonight. Jason finished 1st in his breast stroke heat and second in both his freestyle and back stroke heats. He and a few other of his 6 and under group swam with the 7-8 year olds during the butterfly heats. He got second place there too. Julia won her breast stroke and butterfly heats and finished 3rd for both of her backstroke and freestyle heats. The kids seemed to have a blast as always and it just fun for me to watch them compete and socialize with their peers.

This will be my first attempt at a you tube upload and linking it to this page. I hope it works. If it does you will see Jason and Penelope's coach, which happens to be the owner of the pool too, doing his pre-meet celebration. He is great with the kids and everyone digs him. If you look closely you will see Julia on one side of the diving board and Jason on the other.

Monday, July 2, 2007

July Begins...

I keep worrying about what to say on here without sounding like an idiot or like who the heck would wanna read something like that. So all of you that may want to be critical when reading, you know where you can take it. Well anyway, I know the last post had to do with Jason, well this one does too. Tonight we went to a Durham Bulls baseball game with his T-ball team for an end of the year get together. I have never been to a bulls game. In the classic movie Bull Durham there was this bull on the outfield fence. Well tonight I finally got to see the Bull. There were a couple home runs in the game and the bull's eyes lit up and smoke came out its nose, just like in the movie. Pretty freaking cool! The team got there team name posted on the video screen in left field. All the kids thought that was cool. See picture below. I would have more pics but the durn camera sucked dry another set of batteries and I didn't get any. Well what topped the night off was Jason asking me if I had a happy our sad childhood. I told him some things were happy and some sad. I pointed out to him that if there were no un-happy or sad things, the happy things wouldn't be so happy. I turned the same question back to him and he answered with "I am not an adult yet so I don't know." So I asked him how it was going so far, and he replied with "I had a happy time today with you!" When you hear stuff like that it makes you feel good to be a parent. I didn't think I was going to post again before the fourth, but I did, so I will say again Happy Fourth of July!

They were the Augusta Green Jackets (Is that even right to have a golf reference for a baseball team??)

Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Party That Finally Happened!

You know it is really tough trying to coordinate things just right so your children can have the best parties ever. This year Jason's has been one of the more difficult ones to finally get going. The story - This year Jason and Julia are part of the swim team for our pool. Their swim meets are on Tuesday nights. Well this worked perfect since Jason's birthday was on Wed. the 27th. So we decided to invite a bunch of kids from his class and a few of his swim team buddies. All was good as you can see in these first pictures. Jason and his buddy Jack finished 1st and second in the main event heat, see pictures below.

Well just after that the skies became dark and the thunder started rolling. Every time the thunder struck that added another 30 minutes till they could get back in the pool. Finally they postponed the meet and and we would pick up the next day...Ughhh. Kind of hard to have a pool party when the pool is closed for a swim meet. So after umpteen amount of calls we pushed the party back to Thursday! All was good and we went on to beat the team we swam for last year by about 200 points.

So Thursday comes around and the piƱata has been filled and the pizzas are ordered. I just need to pick them up and get the cake. 4:30 rolls around and Rebecca calls to inform that a toddler has crapped in the pool and it will be shut down for the rest of the day.....ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?????? Well it was too late to call anyone to change anything, again, so we just went on with the show. The kids got to play in the baby pool, and we played a few games and smacked the crap out of Sponge Bob. The kids were a little upset but once they were eating and playing they seemed not to care. So the party finally happened. Check out a few more picks of the ladies man (12 girls and 3 boys invited to the party). We are looking forward to the 4th, the kids love the fireworks.